O Valor do Amanhã na Educação is an educational project based on the homonymous book by Eduardo Giannetti and the series of television programs it originated. The series, directed by Isa Grinspum Ferraz for Rede Globo, inspired the creation of teaching materials for students of different age groups and for teachers from different areas of the public school system.


The goal is to provoke reflection on dilemmas and crossroads that concern us all: intertemporal exchanges in nature, individual choices of human beings and their traps, and the various forms of orientation of the future in different social organizations.


Through videos and classroom debates, researching themes through reading and consulting texts in brochures, appreciating and discussing the posters and activities suggested in the “Teacher's Guide”, the contents of the project can be worked on different levels of depth and scope, depending on the specific objectives that each teacher intends to achieve.

The project materials were widely distributed in secondary schools of the public school system in different Brazilian states.


Coordination and creative direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Screenwriting: Helena Tassara, Marcelo Macca

Pedagogical conception and orientation to the educator: Silvia Maria Pompeia, Clarissa Magalhães, Elisabete Darci Cunha

Illustrations: Libero Malavoglia

Project and graphic production: Bei

Bei Editora

Unibanco Institute

O Valor do Amanhã na Educação (2010)