In space, we can move with certain ease. Time does not allow this: it carries us like a stream and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Intertemporal exchanges are our maneuver rooms in the folds of time. This or that? Now or later?

O Valor do Amanhã, series of 10 10-minute episodes each based on Eduardo Giannetti's homonymous book, seeks to make a broad audience think about the dilemmas and crossroads that we face all the time.

With testimonials from anthropologists, psychoanalysts, historians, neuroscientists, and other experts, each episode addresses different issues: individual choices of humans and their traps, different behaviors in the community, and decisions of societies on crucial issues such as the environment.

Eduardo Giannetti is the narrative guide. Opening all episodes, Matheus Nachtergale speaks excerpts of varied texts.

The series set design is by Helio Eichbauer and features special guest appearances by Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé, Turíbio Santos, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha and Joel Birman, among others.

The series aired for 10 consecutive weeks in Rede Globo's program Fantástico, with great audience. Subsequently, it gave rise to the project O Valor do Amanhã na Educação, with the Unibanco Institute.


Screenwriting and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Argument and presentation: Eduardo Giannetti

Research: Helena Tassara

Art direction: Victor Riqué, Henrique Bacana

Musical director: Cacá Machado

Production and reporting: Juan Alberto, Joyce Ribeiro, Bruno Bernardes

Image editing: Rafael Norton

Photography: José Guerra

Images: Fernando Calixto, Bartolomeu Clemente

Audio: Pedrinho Tonelada

Technicians: Jairo Ferreira, Jair Pimentel

The series was aired during 10 consecutive weeks in Rede Globo’s program Fantástico, with great ratings. Subsequently, it led to the project O Valor do Amanhã na Educação, with the Unibanco Institute.

TV Globo

O Valor do Amanhã (2007)