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Museu de Saúde Pública Emílio Ribas (2019-)

Near important cultural institutions in downtown São Paulo, located in Bom Retiro neighborhood,  The Emílio Ribas Public Health Museum has the largest documentary collection of São Paulo health and biomedical sciences. Since its inception, it occupies the building of the former Desinfectório Central, built in 1893 to confront the major epidemics that afflicted the state in the period. Listed as a Historic Heritage of the State of São Paulo, the building is representative of efforts to implement public health policies and actions for the population.


In order to tell the history of public health, of which Butantan Institute itself is part, the modernization of the Emílio Ribas Museum was elaborated considering the recovery of the historical set and the recreation of its long-term exhibition.

Fundação Butantan

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