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A Cidade no Brasil (2016-2017)

Based on the book of the same name by the anthropologist, poet and essayist Antonio Risério, published in 2012, the documentary A Cidade no Brasil proposes, in an interdisciplinary and intercultural way, a reflection on aspects and dimensions of the urban phenomenon in the country, as from experts testimonials. The serie is composed with 10 episodes.


Risério is one of the interviewees of the series, along with Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, also anthropologist, Carlos Nobre, scientist, Alexandre Delejaicov, Ermínia Maricato, Guilherme Wisnik, Hugo Segawa, Marta Bogéa, Paulo Ormindo and Renato Cymbalista, architects and urbanists, Bruno Ramos and Sérgio Vaz, producers, Eduardo Cardoso, educator, Cristina Barreto, archaeologist, among others.


The series seeks to perform an 'archeology' of the Brazilians cities, seeking to understand the various layers that the city covers today, from our indigenous, Portuguese and black roots to the present day. Cities as places of invention, multiplicity, tolerance and intolerance, exchanges and expressions of cultural creativity, as well as discrimination, segregation and exploitation. It is important to think about this formation to invent and build the cities we want.


Conception and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Presenter and arguments: Antonio Risério

Assistant director: Eduardo Chatagnier

Research: Cristiana Barreto, Jorge Grinspum, Marcos Grinspum Ferraz, Olívia Pedroso, Remier Lion Rocha

Camera operator: Julien La Font

Gaffer: Luiz Paulo Xein

Electrician: Poco Teuba

Engineer: Pepe Pedra

Original Soundtrack: DJ Dolores

Direct sound: Márcio Farah

Sound finishing: Edson Secco, Julia Teles

Image finishing: Emilio Gonzalez

Assembly and finishing assistant: Victor Jorge

Trainee: João Macedo

Executive assistant production: Ana Vezzi

Controller: Marcelo Castellar

Production assistants: Luanda Baldjão, Cecilia Lara, Thaisa Oliveira

Local production:

Rio De Janeiro - Adriana Salomão

Belo Horizonte - Fernando Libânio

Brasília - Fabrício Ofuji e Bruno Augusto (Assistente)

Belém - Paulo Augusto Mendes

Recife - Letícia Falcão

Salvador - Amália Viana


Texto e Imagem


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