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Umas Velhices (2003)

Umas Velhices, a 52 minutes long documentary, brings a multifaceted view on old age throughout different cultures and times, a complex theme around which clichés and misinformation hang. The documentary approaches the issue under different and complementary angles: the different roles of the elderly in society, love, loneliness, sex, among others.

We invited five Brazilian film directors to create small audiovisual pieces on some of the themes related to old age. The pieces were embedded in the documentary so that in the end, what you have is not ONE old age; but MANY old ages.

Ugo Giorgetti created the fiction A esperança é a última que morre, with guest star Antonio Abujamra. Walter Lima Jr. created the fiction Rei Lear, with Matheus Nachtergaele. Jorge Furtado created the documentary Oscar Boz.

João Jardim created the documentary Revezamento 320. Denise Gonçalves created the fiction Bobby, Simone, Walter e Lourdes, with Berta Zemel e Milhem Cortaz.

The documentary was made during the 40th anniversary celebration of SESC São Paulo's work with old age.


Story, screenwriting and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Executive Production: Jorge Grinspum

Filming Direction: André Constantin

Editing: Idê Lacreta

Original soundtrack: Marco Antônio Guimarães

Theme music: Arnaldo Antunes

Narration: Paulo Miklos and Arnaldo Antunes

Sound editing/mixing: Eduardo Santos Mendes

Researcher: Jorge Grinspum

Editing assistant: Daniel Grinspum

Production and research assistant: Martha Nogueira, Gustavo Maximiliano, Eduardo Garcez

Title and signs: Didiana Prata

Graphic animation: Henrique Bacana

Research and field production: Geni Onzi

Camera: Alessandro Ditadi

Assistant camera: Ricardo Soto Chavez

Audio capture: Marcos Mangoni

Finalization: Eliane C. G. Ferreira

Special participation: Lélia Abramo, Walmor Chagas, Tom Zé

Testimonials: Gianni Rato, Olgas Matos, Contardo Calligaris, among others



Umas Velhices
Umas Velhices
Umas Velhices
Umas Velhices
Umas Velhices
Umas Velhices
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