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Professor da Pré-Escola (1990)

The Professor da Pré-Escola project was originally designed to expand the training of preschool teachers. It was about bringing light to the universe of preschool children: how they think, grow and develop; how is it for them to play and learn. The main questions that are posed in the training of teachers, the characteristics of their educational practice and their instruments for acting in class were thematized in a generous way.

Books and videos have been designed in an integrated way to optimize the educational process: each chapter of the book corresponds to an episode on the same subject.

The shows aired on Rede Globo and, later, on TV Escola, of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.


Creative Director and Project Coordinator: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Author Teachers: Monique Deheinzelin, Zelia Vitória Cavalcanti Lima

Editorial Conception: Sonia da Silva Lorenz

Graphic Designer: Victor Nosek, Sonia da Silva Lorenz

Screenwriting: Antonia Terra Calazans Fernandes, Helena Tassara

Program Directors: Fernando Passos e Taunay Daniel


Roberto Marinho Foundation

Brazilian Ministry of Education

Professor da Pré-Escola
Professor da Pré-Escola
Professor da Pré-Escola
Professor da Pré-Escola
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