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Museu das Missões (2014-)

Despite its importance in the history of Rio Grande do Sul and in the constitution of the country's identity, the Guarani Jesuit Missions and the episodes that followed it are still unknown to the overwhelming majority of the Brazilian people. The Museu das Missões, in São Miguel, comes to cast new lights on a theme so disturbing and still current.


Designing a museum about the missions next to the imposing ruins of a great XVIII Century church and the revolutionary museum designed by Lucio Costa in 1937 is also justified by another reason: the need to offer the visitor a conceptual, museological and museographic approach to the missionary question updated for the present day.


This implies in designing and constructing an architectural space and exhibition spaces that incorporate new techniques of conservation and accessibility using the vocabulary of our time with innovative solutions. It also implies in examining the missionary experience - its characters, its history and its developments in the region and on the continent -, introducing perspectives different from those crystallized in the national imaginary, which have greatly simplified the complex relations established there. In the Museu das Missões, the Guarani perspective also gains prominence.


We will use a combination of different strategically articulated exhibition resources: archaeological pieces, maps, original documents and facsimiles, varied iconography, films, multimedia stations, everyday objects, ancient and contemporary works of art, music and scores, mockups with projections etc.


The Museu das Missões aims to be a living center of thought and creation, a true Reference Center on the missionary experience and its unfoldings, and an important research base.


Curatorship: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Assistant curator: Marcelo Macca

Museology: Cecília de Lourdes Fernandes Machado COREM 0128-II
Anthropology and linguistics: Bartomeu Meliá
Anthropology: Daniel Pierri
Archeology: Arno Kern
Ethnohistory: Jean Baptista
Literature: Aldyr Garcia Schlee
Music: Leonardo Waissman
Baroque art: Flavio Gil
Research: Marcos Grinspum Ferraz

Exhibition technology: Peter Lindquist and Nicola Bernardo / KJPL

Graphic design: Francisco Homem de Melo / Homem de Melo & Tróia Design

Scenic lighting: Guilherme Bonfanti

Model consultant: Ricardo Mendes

Audiovisual creation consultants: Ariel Ortega, Cao Guimarães, Marcelo Gomes, Leandro Lima, Tatiana Toffoli and Vincent Carelli


One-off consultants

Anthropology: Manuela Carneiro da Cunha

Anthropology: Georg Grünberg

Audiovisual production: Vincent Carelli

Design of digital interfaces and apps: 32 bits

Architecture and expography: Brasil Arquitetura

Authors: Francisco Fanucci and Marcelo Ferraz




Brazilian Ministry of Culture

Museu das Missões
Museu das Missões
Museu das Missões
Museu das Missões
Museu das Missões
Museu das Missões
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