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Museu da Cidade de Pelotas (2014-)

The city of Pelotas has a long and rich history. The Museu da Cidade de Pelotas, to be installed in the important historical building Casa 6, is an initiative of the Municipality of Pelotas. It is born as a research, documentation and urban thinking center, a beacon to emit new signals in the local, social and cultural landscapes. The Museum intends to carry out a kind of "archeology", bringing light and thought to the various layers that the city today covers, aiming to reflect upon and act in the present, as well as to design the future of Pelotas, the region and the country. There are many perspectives involved and the unfoldings are innumerable to this day.


It is a territory with a particular ecology, in which there was an occupation that began around 2,500 years AP, and that extended through great economic cycles that involved native-Brazilian peoples, Iberians, slaves brought from Africa, and immigrants from various locations. A society that forged a rich tradition of beliefs and feasts; with remarkable architecture and urbanism, a series of heritage monuments; an artistic production of great aesthetic value; and a series of social movements of national repercussion, such as the abolitionist movements. All this has shaped a city with many stories to tell. The Museu da Cidade de Pelotas will not be a memorial that freezes all this remarkable past, a museum of relics or a cabinet of curiosities. No, the city is alive and pulsating, and the museum, like it, must pulse.


Curatorship and creative direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Assistant curator: Helena Tassara

Architecture, conservation / restoration and expography: Marcelo Carvalho Ferraz and Francisco Fanucci / Brasil Arquitetura

Museology: Cecília de Lourdes Fernandes Machado

History and anthropology: Lúcio Menezes Ferreira

Archeology: Rafael Guedes Milheira

Literature: Aldyr Garcia Schlee

History and iconography: Eduardo Arriada

Expression in arts: José Luiz de Pellegrin (coordination), Lauer Alves Nunes dos Santos, Carmen Regina Bauer Diniz, Helena Araújo Neves

Architecture and city history: Ester J. B. Gutierrez:,Carlos Alberto Ávila Santos

Music history: Mário de Souza Maia

Exhibition technology: Peter Lindquist e Nicola Bernardo / KJPL

Graphic design: Francisco Homem de Melo / Homem de Melo & Tróia Design

Iconographic and audiovisual research: Memória Coletiva Imagens e Textos

Architecture, conservation/restauration and expography: Brasil Arquitetura

Authors: Francisco Fanucci and Marcelo Ferraz


Municipal Secretariat of Culture of Pelotas


Brazilian Ministry of Culture

Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
Museu da Cidade de Pelotas
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