The Missão Ambiente – Responsabilidade Socioambiental dos Brasileiros project was created and implemented to promote environmental and socio-cultural awareness, as well as individual responsibility for the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable development of the country.

The Brazil Connects project, in partnership with the Brazilian Army Cultural Foundation, enabled young Brazilian citizens to perceive, value and appreciate natural and socio-cultural diversity, embracing stands of respect for the different aspects and forms of our natural, ethical and cultural heritage.

The project reached thousands of young people from all walks of life and regions of the country to transform them into multiplier agents. Videos, leaflets, handouts, activity books, posters and guides were all used in flexible ways.


Coordination and creative director: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Coordination assistants: Jorge Grinspum, Helena Tassara, Marcos Pompeia

Special consultant: Aziz Nacib Ab’Saber

Teachers: Donald Rolf Sawyer, Miriam Prochnow, Wigold Bertold Schaffer, Silvia Maria Pompeia, Marcos Affonso Ortiz Gomes, Lucio Flavio Pinto

Texts: Ricardo Arnt, Marcos Pompeia, Helena Tassara, Melanie Dimantas

Art direction: Didiana Prata e Claudia Ranzini

Scripts and screenwriting: Ricardo Dias, Paulo Vanzolini, Helena Tassara, Marcos Pompeia

Filmmakers: Walter Lima Jr., Renato Barbieri, Ricardo Dias, Paulo Martins

Original soundtrack: Marco Antonio Guimarães


Brasil Connects Cultura e Ecologia

Brazilian Army

Brazilian Ministry of the Environment

Missão Ambiente - Responsabilidade Socioambiental dos Brasileiros (2004)