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Intérpretes do Brasil (2001)

Intérpretes do Brasil is a series of 15 programs of 20 minutes each, presenting ideas from important Brazilian intellectuals on themes surrounding Brazilian culture. The interviews cover various subjects related to the socio-cultural formation of the Brazilian people, such as the ecological and human landscapes of the different Brazilian regions, our genetic and symbolic matrices, the cangaço, Afro-Brazilian religions, etc.


The programs are: Os Caipiras, by Antonio Candido; Portugal, Brasil, by Judith Cortesão; Viva o Sertão, by Antonio Risério; Vontade de Beleza, by Washington Novaes; O Sonho Português, by Roberto Pinho; O Candomblé do Brasil, by Mãe Stela; Pé na Estrada, by Paulo Vanzolini; Mistura e Invenção, by Hermano Vianna; Os Vários Brasis, by Aziz Ab’Saber; Presença Africana, by Carlos Serrano; Notas sobre o Brasil, by Darcy Ribeiro; Saberes, by Manuela Carneiro da Cunha; Mar de Escravos, by Luis Felipe de Alencastro; Leituras sobre o Brasil, by Roberto da Matta; Negro de Corpo e Alma, by Emanoel Araújo.


The interviews, captured in film or digital video, are the record and document of reflections that contribute to the understanding of the Brazilian character. Images and iconography combined with a vigorous original soundtrack complement the experience.


Screenwriting and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Executive production: Zita Carvalhosa, Jorge Grinspum

Cinematography: José Guerra, Adrian Cooper, Carlos Ebert

Vignettes: Amilcar de Castro

Direct sound: João Godoy

Sound editing: Eduardo Santos Mendes

Original soundtrack: Marco Antonio Guimarães

Film editing: Vânia Debs

Festivals and awards

Selected for the IV Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental, 2002 with “Intérpretes do Brasil – Os Vários Brasis, by Aziz Ab’Saber”

“Best screenplay”, at the VI Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul, with “Intérpretes do Brasil – Os Caipiras, by Antonio Cândido”

Texto e Imagem


Canal Cultura e Arte

Brazilian Ministry of Culture

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