The project Gênesis was conceived by the photographer Sebastião Salgado and by Lélia Wanick Salgado in partnership with UNESCO and the CST, based on the photographic material captured by Sebastião Salgado in several physical and human landscapes scattered around the planet, assembled as a kind of campaign of awareness and reflection on the environmental issue.


The objective was to stimulate the preservation of the environment and the sustainable development in the country and in the world through cooperation with government entities in their educational actions, encouraging students to become local "environmental leaders".


By revealing, through videos, photos, handouts and guides, a world where nature and animals, including humans, live in equilibrium - a potential path for humanity to rediscover itself as part of nature -, the material has been training young people in high school level and has made public and private school teachers aware of the possibility of using multimedia teaching materials related to Environmental Education.


The material has been translated into Spanish and was also used in public schools in Spain.


Direction and coordination: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Assistant coordinators: Marcelo Macca, Helena Tassara, Marcos Pompeia

Special consultant: Jorge Wagensberg

Texts and scripts: Marcelo Macca, Helena Tassara, Marcos Pompeia

Graphic Project: Conteúdo Expresso

Videos production: Supernova

Original Soundtrack: Benjamin Taubkin




Projeto Eduacional Gênesis (2005)