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Galáxias (2014)

Galáxias is a series of 12 documentaries that compares and puts in dialogue different views of Brazil today. It has a transdisciplinary character and works several logics simultaneously. The thematic axis of each program organizes these forms and visions about the complexities of the transforming Brazilian world. The themes of the programs are: cities, individuals and behavior, media, science and university, economics, politics, environment, basic education, aesthetic production, social movements, national identity, Brazil in the world.


Seventeen Brazilians with diverse experiences and backgrounds talk about all these themes. They are: Ailton Krenak, indigenous leader; Antonio Risério, anthropologist and essayist; Cao Guimarães, video artist; Daniel Melin, graffiti artist; Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, anthropologist; Emicida, rapper; Francisco Bosco, philosopher and essayist; Jaime Amorim, leader of the MST; Jesse de Souza, sociologist; José Miguel Wisnik, musician, composer and essayist; Kleber Mendonça Filho, filmmaker and film critic; Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira, economist; Mayana Zatz, geneticist and town planner; Mário Magalhães, journalist; Media Ninja Collective; Moacir dos Anjos, curator and art critic; Paulo Mendes da Rocha, architect.


In addition to these interviewees, other points of view are given by works of art that also aim to dialogue with the viewer. The image, the music and other narratives construct the polyphony of the programs.


Conception and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Executive production: Pablo Torrecillas

Arguments: Antonio Risério

Screenwriting: Isa Grinspum Ferraz, Marcelo Macca, João Grinspum Ferraz

Guideline development: Jaime Oliva, Aline Khoury

Research: Amália Santos, João Grinspum Ferraz, Jorge Grinspum

Production: Maíra Torrecillas, Guga Cunha, Flavia Candido

Photography: Tiago Tambelli, Thais Taverna, Leo Rudá

Art and vignettes: Leandro Lima

Original soundtrack: DJ Dolores

Direct sound: René Brasil, Carolina Barranco

Editing: Vânia Debs, Idê Lacreta, Eduardo Chataigner

institute of Brazilian Studies - IEB-USP


Galáxias - Emicida
Galáxias - Ailton Krenak
Galáxias - José Miguel Wisnik
Galáxias - Antonio Risério
Galáxias - Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Galáxias - Mario Magalhães
Galáxias - Moacir dos Anjos
Galáxias - Kleber Mendonça Filho
Galáxias - Jessé de Souza
Galáxias - Daniel Melim
Galáxias - Francisco Bosco
Galáxias - Jaime Amorim
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