Located at the entrance platform of the Science Station in São Paulo, the permanent exhibition Estação Natureza aims to sensitize visitors about nature conservation. Using different exhibition resources, such as audiovisual projections, interactive elements, photographic panels, models of plants and animals, aromas, music and noise, the exhibition presents the natural beauty of the country in a playful way, proposing to the visitor the experience of each one of the Brazilian biomes through the senses.

The Estação Natureza is arranged in five custom train cars, covering a total area of 240 square meters. At the end of the course, tips and reflections on environmentally responsible attitudes are presented, alerting to the importance of Brazilian nature conservation in its diversity.


Creative direction and content: Isa Grinspum Ferraz, Helena Tassara

Architectonical and expographic project: Brasil Arquitetura, Apiacás Arquitetos

Art direction: Prata Design

Audiovisual and animations: Archimidia Produções

Illustrations: Hiroe Sasaki

Original soundtrack: Cacá Machado

Audiovisual narration: Gero Camilo

Sound environment: Eduardo Santos Mendes

Scientific advice: Rita Souza, Fábio Olmos

Scenography: Cenotech

Replicas: Fixxon Realizações Criativas

Automation and audiovisual installations: KJPL Arbyte

Lighting design: Arquiluz Iluminação e Projetos


Estação Ciência da Universidade de São Paulo

Boticário Foundation

Estação Natureza (2010)