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Escola Normal Superior de Educação a Distância (1998)

"The models of university that we have cannot be reiterated in the new university, but instead moving on to experimentation, aiming to create a

new model."

- Darcy Ribeiro

The project of the Escola Normal Superior de Educação a Distância was conceived by Darcy Ribeiro in 1996, after the approval of the new Educational Law of  Bases and Guidelines. It was the opportunity to design a new paradigm of teacher training, with broad spectrum logistics, in a distance learning course at a higher education level that would use, in an articulated way, television, texts, computer resources, monitoring and supervised practice, in a network of study centers scattered around the country.

It was based around the ideas that Darcy Ribeiro had defended since the 1950s, alongside Anísio Teixeira, that it was necessary to formulate and implement a new school standard for the formation of teachers for elementary education, at a higher education level, based on a scientific humanism which could restore education to the level of art.

It was intended to train teachers through the development of competences and the autonomy of students, so that they could master the constituted knowledge and produce new knowledge in one of the most strategic areas for social and cultural autonomous development in the country.

The project, developed in detail by the Darcy Ribeiro Foundation in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, was never implemented.


General coordination: Isa Grinspum Ferraz, Tatiana Memória

Curricular and pedagogical coordination: Sonia Maria Barreira, Maria Ester Soub, Regina Scarpa, Lino de Macedo, Guiomar Namo de Mello

Teachers: Regina Scarpa (literacy), Heloisa Cerri Ramos (Portuguese language), Vinicio de Macedo Santos (math), Vinicius Signorelli (sciences), Oldimar Pontes Cardoso (geo-historical knowledge)

Project Deployment Coordination: Laurinda de Miranda Barbosa

Project evaluation coordination: Maria Mitsuko Okuda


Darcy Ribeiro Foundation

Brazilian Ministry of Education

Escola Normal
Escola Normal
Escola Normal
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