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Educação pela Tevê (1994)

Facing the challenging problem of giving the thousands of teachers and auxiliary staff of the CIEPs and Public Gymnasiums the indispensable educational training to conduct full-time schools that approve the totality of their students, we set up in the State of Rio de Janeiro a system of educating through the TV. They range from the inevitable lessons of pedagogical wisdom to programs of motivation and cultural information, designed to broaden the vision of teachers.

- Darcy Ribeiro

Educação pela Tevê was a program designed to train public school teachers in Rio de Janeiro during Leonel Brizola’s government. Conceived by Darcy Ribeiro, it presupposed that, first and foremost, what one wants to constitute are humanists who are truly engaged in education. We worked simultaneously, and in an integrated way, on four levels:

- Updating basic knowledge in fundamental subjects;

- Providing information and specific knowledge about the education of children in today’s Brazil;

- Valuing the cultural universe of teachers and children, whose experiences are an important material in the educational process;

- Expanding the cultural universe of teachers through access to the culture created and accumulated through time, in the most varied areas of knowledge.

The programs were shown by TV Manchete and later by TV Escola, of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.


Rede Geral

General direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Direction: João Alegria e Maja Vargas

Cinematography: Breno Silveira

Editing: João Alegria e Ana Cássia Teixeira

Screenwriting: Melanie Dimantas

Production: Eliane Fernandes e Mariângela Sampaio

Pedagogical Coordination: Zélia Cavalcanti de Lima

Special guests: Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Antonio Candido, Paulinho da Viola, Haroldo de Campos, Antonio Houaiss, João Ubaldo Ribeiro, Gilberto Gil, Paulo José, Antonio Abujamra, and many others.

Curso Livre de Atualização de Conhecimentos

Pedagogical guidance: Darcy Ribeiro

General direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Direction: Vítor Lopes, Nelson Nadotti, Hermínia Fóes Bragança and Telmo Maia

Production: Eduardo Gurgel, Claudia Queiroz, Ailton Franco Jr., Vania Beatriz

Editing: Rachel Boechat

Teachers: Patrícia Lins e Silva (Portuguese language), Joel Rufino (history), Orlando Valverde (geography), Marcio Imenes e Marcelo Lellis (math), Vinicius Signorelli (sciences), Maria Cecília Gomes dos Reis (philosophy)


Noções de Coisas

General direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Direction: João Alegria e Vítor Lopes

Screenwriting: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Presentation: Breno Moroni


Extraordinary Secretariat of Special Programs

Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro

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