Educator who fought for full-time public school and who created universities. Anthropologist who studied the Brazilian tropical civilization and defended native-Brazilians. Writer of novels. Minister and Senator. Man of action in love with Brazil and Brazilians. Father of "Brazilian Socialism" and inventor of the Sambódromo... Darcy Ribeiro was not one, he was many.


The documentary Darcy Ribeiro, Vulcão de Ideias intends to give a dimension of the multiplicity of aspects present in the life and work of Darcy Ribeiro - life and work that are intertwined -, highlighting his important role as a thinker of Brazil in the twentieth century.


The structure of the program is that of an illustrated autobiography. The narration is constructed with excerpts from Darcy himself - whether they are recorded by me at different moments in his life, or extracted from archival material, and even excerpts from the author's books and texts.


With video records, audio and a large collection of photos, interviews granted to numerous communication channels etc, as well as fragments of works by Darcy read by personalities close to him (Oscar Niemeyer, Antonio Candido, Moacyr Werneck de Castro, among others), the documentary brings the audience his main ideas and the best of his legacy as an educator.


Screenwriting and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Executive production: Malu Viana Batista

Assistant director: Helena Tassara

Production coordination: Clara Ramos

Production: Camila Machado, Alethea Silvestre, Cecília Araújo, Pedro Gorski

Cinematography: Ivanildo Machado

Direct sound: Paulo César Fernandes

Editing: Rodrigo Menecucci

Graphic design: Deborah Guerra

Opening credits: Terpins Greco Estúdio

Original soundtrack: Cacá Machado - Estúdio Zut/ Junio Barreto - Estúdio Terreiro Do Passo

Image finalization: Ricardo Matias

Narration: Paulo José


Brazilian Ministry of Education

Darcy Ribeiro, Vulcão de Ideias (2007)