Cais do Sertão (2013)

The stories and songs of Luiz Gonzaga, king of the baião, leads the visitor along the paths and lanes that occur in Cais do Sertão. There are 7,500 square meters of surprises: sertanejo gardens, a "São Francisco River" with its waters and stones, real objects that merge with projections; hats, gibbons and accordions that dialogue with sertanejo karaokes; studios and instrument workshops. At Cais do Sertão, there are working tools and interactive stations; projections of art and religious films and objects; literature and a lot of music, alongside the complete work of Gonzaga and his certificate of baptism…

At the edge of Recife’s seashore, the rich sap that springs from the dry soil of the sertão and its people ressurges with vigor in all its richness, diversity and complexity. There, the sertão turns into sea and the sea turns into sertão. All this through stories and stories, culture and the immense capacity for adaptation, invention and reinvention of millions of men and women who, even subsisting in one of the most adverse ecosystems in the world, never gave up on life and poetry.


Content and museography: Texto e Imagem

Curatorial project and creative direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Special consultant: Antonio Risério

Assistant curators: Helena Tassara, Marcelo Macca

Audiovisual production: Camilo Cavalcanti, Carlos Nader, Kleber Mendonça, Leandro Lima, Lírio Ferreira, Marcelo Gomes, Paulo Caldas and Sérgio Roizemblit

App development: 32 bits, Base7info, KJPL

Artists: Cafi, Derlon Almeida, Luis Hermano and Miguel Rio Branco

Art direction: Tecnopop

Scenic lighting: Guilherme Bonfanti

Research: Camila Djurovic, Diogo Balbino, Emília Ramos and Memória Coletiva

Executive production: Base 7 Projetos Culturais


Crew of special consultants

Specialist in Luiz Gonzaga and in Sertão culture: Paulo Vanderley Tomás, Leda Dias and Anselmo Alves

Museum technology: Peter Lindquist and Nicola Bernardo

Archeology: Carlos Etchevarne

Caatinga ecology: Pedro Castello Branco

Music and Sertão culture: Tom Zé

Music and literature: José Miguel Winsnik

History and anthropology: Antonio Risério

History: Frederico pernambucano de Mello


Architecture and expography: Brasil Arquitetura

Authors: Francisco Fanucci and Marcelo Ferraz

Co-author: Pedro Del Guerra


Government of the State of Pernambuco

Brazilian Ministry of Culture