The permanent exhibition As Utopias de Darcy Ribeiro was set up in the new headquarters of the Darcy Ribeiro Foundation, in Brasilia. In a space of approximately 213 m², it deals with the multiplicity of aspects present in the life and work of Darcy Ribeiro - life and work that are intertwined, highlighting his important role as thinker of Brazil in the twentieth century.


The exhibition addresses five main themes:

- Will for beauty (Rondon; the native-Brazilians; the anthropology of civilization)

- Revolutions in education (Anísio; the campaign for a full-time public, secular and free school; UNB: invention and misplacement; universities around the world; CIEPs and Beijódromo; LDB)

- Another present, another future (politics, government and reforms, exile, a Latin American dream, “Brazilian socialism”, the Senate)

- A man of letters (essays, novels, the Academia Brasileira de Letras)

- A dream of Brazil (a mixed races tropical civilization and the Brazilian message to the world)


With photos and objects from the private collection of Darcy and Berta Ribeiro, original documents, newspaper articles, books and videos, the exhibition is a kind of illustrated autobiography of this great anthropologist, educator, politician, writer and thinker of Brazil.


Curatorship and creative direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Expography: Marcelo Carvalho Ferraz

Art direction: Prata Design

Research: Camila Djurovic

Production: Prata Produções


Darcy Ribeiro Foundation

Brazilin Ministry of Culture

As Utopias de Darcy Ribeiro (2010)