The TV Escola project was created and implemented by the Brazilian Ministry of Education as part of a training and continuing education program for primary education teachers in public schools. The project, which was innovative at the time of its creation, was offered as support resource to classrooms throughout the country. It brings together quality television programs on a grid that complements the teacher's work and assists in the educational process.

The programs, selected and assembled by the project team, cover a variety of topics from different perspectives and points of view. Thus, they open numerous windows of knowledge for teachers and students, and serve as a powerful tool for debate, expansion of repertoire and democratization of knowledge.

Television programming, accompanied by printed material and a bimonthly magazine of TV Escola, allows us to establish a creative interaction between teachers and students.


Creation and coordination: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Coordination assistants: Luis Fernando Ramos, Marcos Pompeia

Technical supervision: Maria Helena Guimarães Castro


Secretary of Development, Innovation and Educational Evaluation

Brazilian Ministry of Education

Secretary of Social Communication of the President of the Republic

Roquette Pinto Foundation

TV Escola (1995)