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O Milagre do Pão (2007)

O Milagre do Pão, is a 52 minutes long documentary about the human adventure, that crosses time and space and connects men in search of an imagined future. It creates a dialogue between the universal history of bread and its technologies (grinders, mills, ovens and stoves); the history of Italian immigration to southern Brazil; and the creation, today, of a Windmill Path, with the recovery of the Mill of Ilópolis and the invention of a bread museum and of a pastry school.

With filmed images, rare archive material, statements by Manuela Carneiro da Cunha and Cleodes Piazza Ribeiro, among others, the documentary is divided into three autonomous and interconnected blocks: Pão de Milênios, Itália Brasil and A Tradição do Novo.


Argument, screenwriting and direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz

Executive production: Jorge Grinspum

Filming direction: André Constantin

Film editing: Idê Lacreta

Original soundtrack: Marco Antônio Guimarães

Theme song: Arnaldo Antunes

Narrators: Paulo Miklos e Arnaldo Antunes

Sound editing and mixing: Eduardo Santos Mendes

Research: Jorge Grinspum

Film editing assistant: Daniel Grinspum

Production and research assistants: Martha Nogueira, Gustavo Maximiliano, Eduardo Garcez

Title and visual signs: Didiana Prata

Graphic animation: Henrique Bacana

Research and field production: Geni Onzi

Camera: Alessandro Ditadi

Assistant camera: Ricardo Soto Chavez

Audio capture: Marcos Mangoni

Finalization: Eliane C. G. Ferreira

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